2019 marks the 27th year of classes & workshops run through Standing on Your Own Two Feet, the nationally recognized nonprofit program developed by Holiday to serve teens and teachers of teens. Learning to access her own inner wisdom through yoga facilitated powerful healing for Holiday from the challenges of childhood and early motherhood responsibilities while still a teen, and she feels strongly about encouraging and developing the potential of young people — especially adolescent girls — through yoga practice.

The curriculum emphasizes fitness with awareness, personal development, self-esteem, and the importance of life-long health habits. In addition to their own practice, teens learn to teach yoga to peers, so they learn a practical job skill as part of their training.

The program is open to young people ages 12 - 19 of all fitness levels, & to full-time teachers of teens. Students can join at any time.

Life can seem crazy enough as it is. Throw in school, parents, friends, and social activities and it can seem a bit overwhelming. Yoga is a fun & adventurous way to learn the strength, balance, & flexibility needed to navigate through life. Yoga combines physical fitness & flexibility with balance of perspective.

  • Learning about our strengths & capabilities will help to develop a positive self-image.
  • Relaxation & breathing exercises will demonstrate ways to deal with stress & anxiety.
  • Strength-building poses will build courage & invite the confidence needed to jump the next hurdle - whatever that might be. Come ready to enjoy an hour of focus on becoming all the person you can be: mind, body, & spirit.


  • Comfy clothes
  • notebook
  • water
  • bare feet
  • empty stomach

Pre-registration is required for all free classes


  • The Gem, 1110 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR
  • Portland High Schools, Middle Schools, & special teen programs
  • Conferences and Workshops

Standing on Your Own Two Feet Course Curriculum
Students are welcome to join at any time

Principles Elements Exercises
Foundation & Self Awareness Stability, balance, sensing, breathing & energy Feet, legs, spine, shoulders, posture inversion
Wisdom, Power, & Taking Control Strength, flexibility, intelligent choices, & self-direction Exercise sequences using inversions, strength, & relaxation
Creating Balance Focus, centering, & support Eyes, foundation, & balance
Exploring Solutions Problem-solving Identify problems & find solutions
Health Habits Practice & self-discipline Attitude, review exercises
Telling the Truth Sharing, trust, & compassion Partner work, chest openers, backbends
Responding to Change Flexibility, strength, & courage Twists, backbends
Lifelong Learning Commitment, support systems Group work, flowing sequences

Standing on Your Own Two FeetTM does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status. We hope you don't, either.

Standing On Your Own Two FeetTM     1110 NE Glisan St   Portland OR 97232  503-539-1074